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Keep Your Fire Components in Perfect Working Order

When You Request Our Fire Extinguisher Inspection Services

Ensure the continued safety and protection of your business with top-of-the-line fire prevention systems from K & B Fire Protection. No matter what type of fire protection system you require, we always have the perfect system just for you. Contact us today to speak with a member of our contracting crew.

Fire Pumps

At K & B Fire Protection, we specialize in the installation, inspection, and maintenance of your building's fire pumps. If need be, we will also design new fire pumps for your building according to your exact specifications.


Sprinkler Systems

Our contracting team is familiar with a wide range of effective sprinkler systems, including wet, dry, deluge, pre-action, and foam dispensing systems. We gladly install these cutting-edge sprinkler systems into any schools, libraries, office buildings, industrial plants, and commercial buildings.

Clean Agent Systems and Fire Extinguishers

We install state-of-the-art clean agent systems that are specially designed to prevent fires in spray booths, computer centers, and other businesses that cannot use a water-based fire prevention system. These clean agent systems come with heat and smoke pull stations for added effectiveness, with pre-designed systems available for added convenience. Our team will also be happy to install, test, and inspect fire extinguishers throughout your building

Avoid any unpleasant fire-related disasters when you request our fire extinguisher inspection services in Clinton, Connecticut..