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Don't let your business become a victim of fire damage. With fire prevention and fire sprinkler systems from K & B Fire Protection, you can protect your building from unexpected fire-related disasters at all times. Contact us today to arrange a helpful initial consultation

Custom Fire Protection Systems

At K & B Fire Protection,we specialize in designing and building customized fire protection systems that match your individual building. Our customized fire protection systems meet all local and state codes, including all NFPA regulations.

Fire Prevention Systems

We specialize in the installation of a wide range of fire suppressant systems, including dry systems, wet systems, pre-action systems, deluge systems, foam systems, high-pressure water misting systems, FM200 systems and hood extinguishing systems. Every fire prevention system we offer is fully certified by professional CT engineers.

Backflow Preventer's

At K & B Fire Protection,we install and test all types of backflow preventers on your fire sprinkler and domestic systems. Our installations meet all water utility requirements.

New System Installation

Our contractors will gladly install brand new fire prevention systems in your building or retrofit your existing systems to make them more efficient and reliable. Over the years, we have worked on numerous projects, including malls, apartment complexes, condos, and large office complexes. Call today for installation details.

Maintain the safety of your building with one of our fire suppression systems in Clinton, Connecticut.